Support data

Support data

LEDs were not lit during using LEDs.

  • 1.

    Is the countermeasure of surge voltage generated by the On/Off status change done?

  • 2.

    Are electrification prevention and electrical discharge prevention done during operation?

  • 3.

    Is the absolute maximum rating defended?

  • 4.

    Is the straight protective resistor put for stable operation?

  • 5.

    Did you use LEDs with the matrix circuit?

  • 6.

    Is the applied voltage lower than the forward voltage?

  • 7.

    Do you use LEDs in outdoor?

  • 8.

    Did you confirm an influence of supersonic wave beforehand?

  • 9.

    Is there a process where the mechanical stress joins LEDs immediately after soldering?

  • 10.

    Does it meet the soldering recommendation condition?

  • 11.

    When the different kinds of LEDs are mounted, is the component(E.g. the through-hole LED) that do not receive heat stress easily made a basis?

  • 12.

    When you solder twice, do you do in the leaving time of the product after opening moisture-proof pakaging ?

  • 13.

    Did you consider PCB camber direction?

  • 14.

    Do picking up point with nozzle and load for mounting meet the recomended conditions?

  • 15.

    Does leaving time of products meet the recommended condition after opening moisture-proof packaging?

  • 16.

    Does storage condition of products meet the recommended condition?

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