Support data

Support data

Precautions for handling

  1. 1.

    Since the LCD panel is made of glass, it may be destroyed by hard impact. Please avoid dropping or applying mechanical impact.

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    The polarizer plate used in the display surface can be easily damaged. Do not touch, press, or rub the display panel with hard tools or objects such as tweezers.

  3. 3.

    Organic solvents may damage the polarizer plate. To clean the surface, use cellophane tape to lift off dust or use a soft absorbent cotton cloth with a mild detergent and wipe lightly.

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    Water drops remaining on the surface for a prolonged period may cause discoloration or stains. Remove them immediately.

  5. 5.

    Avoid use or storage in high temperature or high humidity. Degradations of polarization under high temperature or high humidity will cause a degradations in contrast, and may cause formation of air bubbles and separation of the polarizer plate. For storage avoid direct or fluorescent light and place, in original packaging. Please store in a location with relatively low temperature (5 to 30 ). Also, be careful to avoid condensation during storage.

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    The liquid inside the panel (liquid crystal) is a harmful substance. If the crystal panel becomes damaged do not ingest any of the liquid crystal which may leak out. If the liquid crystal makes contact with skin or clothing, wash with soap and rinse.

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    If there is a protective film on the liquid crystal panel to protect the display surface, removal of this film may generate static electricity, and damage to the panel and circuitry may result. Please exercise adequate caution.

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    Our LCDs are designed for indoor use.