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Mounting Using Automation
(Surface Mount Type)

Suction Pad

All SMTs can be mounted using automated components with standard suction pads. However, when using round suction pads, it is recommended to use smaller sized pads whose inner diameter does not exceed the component size. Regarding the 1105 type, a φ1.7-1.8mm nozzle is recommended. Regarding the 1106 type, a φ2.0-2.1mm nozzle is recommended. Regarding the 1147LS type and the 1148LS type, a φ2.5mm nozzle is recommended. There is a possibility that the mounting gap generated in the mounter of the rotary head type, and please use it after you confirmed there is no problem.

Suction Position

The pads should be adjusted so that they pick up the component at its centre, in order to balance the mounting position. When mounting right angle types (1103F, 1101F, 1102F, 1192B etc.), use of the suction pads on the lens and its surrounding area should be avoided to prevent the lens from breaking apart. Please note that the detection accuracy may vary depending on the graphic recognition system equipped on the automation.

Transporting / Movement / Vibration

Vibration during mounting process will likely influence the preciseness of component position prior to mounting, which may result in poor soldering. Please optimize the automation speed, including the tape-transfer speed and tension.

Static Electricity

All products and their packaging are static proof, but a dry working environment may cause some static electricity, which could lead to the product sticking to the taping material. As this will lead to poor mounting results, please take the following points into account.

  1. 1.

    Handling environment : ESD Protected Area (work area which permits a static discharge within tolerated range, allowing the ESDS device to be handled)

  2. 2.

    Taping Peel Speed : 10mm/s recommended.

  3. 3.

    Use of Ionizer and other static discharge devices.

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