Certificate of Compliance to EU REACH SVHC Regulations Download entry form

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To Customers

※The download date / time / serial number are stamped on the certificate.

※ Notes

  • We do not specify the product name; instead, we state the "product group name".
    If you require the product name to be entered in the customer form, please consult with our sales staff.
  • The present certificate is not applicable to a single product or part processed by customers (e.g.:soldered parts), or to parts assembled by customers.
  • Applies only to Stanley Electric's genuine products.
  • The present certificate is not to be used outside the intended purpose (certification of non-inclusion).
  • It is strictly prohibited to reprint or copy all or part of these data.
  • Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. reserves the right to change data at any time without prior notice.
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