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Moisture-proof Packaging of Surface Mount Type Device

As SMT devices are composed mostly of plastic, they tend to absorb moisture in the air by means of diffusion and capillarity when left alone in a natural environment.
Should the devices be soldered while still holding moisture, the sudden heat may cause the moisture to expand, degrading the SMT's optical characteristics and in the worst case, causing serious damage such as cracks on the lens.

All SMT devices are baked (moisture removal) before packaging, and are shipped in moisture-proof packaging to minimize moisture absorption during transportation and storage.
However, with regard to storing the products, Stanley recommends the use of dry-box under the following conditions.

《Storage Condition》 Temperature:+5℃~+30℃, Humidity:Under 70%, Avoid areas with corrosive agents (gases) or dust.

The package should only be opened immediately before use, and the time frame between package opening and soldering should be kept under the time frame described in the chart below. If the device needs to be soldered twice, both soldering operations must be completed within the recommended time frame. If any components should remain unused, please reseal the package and store it under the conditions described in the>《Product Storage Conditions》above. Baking (moisture removal) must be performed once a certain time has passed after having opened the package. The package contains silica gel (blue), which indicates the moisture level within the package. Should the silica gel lose its blue color or should the time frame pass, please perform baking (moisture removal) before use as stated in the chart below. Baking may be performed in the taped form after putting out from the package, however if it is performed with the reels stacked over one another, it may cause deformation of the reels and taping materials and will later obstruct mounting.

Please note that Stanley does not guarantee its products under such conditions. After handling, please handle only once it has returned to room temperature.

Leaving time after
opening package
(Under the
storage condition)
Baking Duration
of Baking Number
72 hours*1 +60℃±5℃ 48~72hours( Taped ) Twice Surface Mount Type

*1 Leaving time after opening package of Photodetector Type PΟ∅∅∅∅Ο(Non A Type or Non B Type)is 24 hours.

The above table is typical of main parts. Recommended specification of some parts shall be different from them.
Please require specification sheets of each parts when checking the acutual specification.

Flow chart- moisture-proof packet opening to product mounting.

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