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electronica 2018 SPECIAL SITE

Hall B4, Booth 249
Messe München |
November 13-16, 2018

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Since 1920
Light for new possibilities

We shall create new benefits to humankind
by dedicating ourselves to the
"Five Ways of Creating Value with Light".

We will explore the various properties of light,
which we will combine with Stanley's own overall strengths to
create new value with light and thereby contribute to society.
We offer "technologies that produce and supply safe water to the world",
"technologies that helps you to achieve a safe and comfortable life",
"technologies to move the human heart with attractive light" by exploring the
five values of light:


Light for safe, reliable and comfortable driving.

LED Devices for Automotive Exterior

These high-reliability LEDs satisfy every requirement for automotive lighting.
We have achieved point light source emission, low thermal resistance, anti-sulfurization.

Stress-Free HMI with 3D Switches

Our proposal for new generation HMI (Human Machine Interface).
Our HMI can be easily operated while self-driving. Driver and passenger safety is achieved by displaying the required switches in midair when necessary.

LED Devices for Autonomous Driving

High-reliability LEDs optimal to ensure safe driving and suitable to achieve signature design.

High-Power IR LEDs for Driver Monitoring Systems

Compact high-power IREDs equipped with a newly developed high-output, high-efficiency LED die with a low thermal resistance ceramic substrate. A highly reliable package meeting automotive quality requirements.

Smart Room Mirror (Mirror / Display)

An electronic mirror that can seamlessly control the transparent/mirror state.
Equipped with an automatic anti-glare function, it ensures clear visibility.


Sterilization through UV light
- delivering safe water all over the world.

Deep-UV LED Devices

We achieved the world's highest output of 50 mW with a 265 nm wavelength, optimal for sterilization.
Suppressed decline in power output due to heat generation by adopting an AlN board.
※October 2018 - According to our research

Deep UV-LED Water Sterilization Reactor (2L / 10L / 100L)

Significantly improved sterilization performance, with original rectification mechanism and light distribution technology. This reactor can efficiently sterilize bacteria through an environment-friendly mercury-less structure.


Stanley's UV-CCL lamps have achieved the longest life span in the industry (30000 to 50000h): the same lifetime as continuously illuminating devices. They have excellent vibration resistance, and compared with general sterilizing lamps they are compact and can be installed even in limited spaces.

Near UV-LED Devices
High-Power Type / Middle-Power Type

A lineup of high-power and middle-power UVA LEDs. In order to meet the requirements of various applications, we developed a series of emission wavelengths: 365 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm, 405 nm.
Through Near-UV light it is possible to support various applications such as resin curing, ink curing, deodorization through photocatalysis.


Lighting technology for safety and well-being in everyday life.

High-Power IR LED Devices

Compact high-power IREDs equipped with a newly developed high-output, high-efficiency LED die. It is the best light source for camera night illumination support and biometric authentication.


Ensuring a comfortable and interesting everyday life.

Smart Mirror Display

Using a mirror LCD that can switch partly between the transparent state and the mirror state, we obtained a mirror display that is easy to see without being affected by the surrounding environment.
With the local dimming of the 81 segment in the mirror LCD, it is possible to achieve both high display quality both in the partial monitor state and the mirror state.

Landscape / Special Effects

A combination of high-power LEDs and advanced optical design.

Ultra Narrow Angle LED Floodlight/Gold

A golden floodlight with an ultra narrow light distribution angle.
Developed with : Motoko Ishii Lighting Design Inc.
Planned and produced by : Motoko Ishii & Akari Lisa Ishii

Ultra Narrow Angle LED Spotlight

This is a lightweight floodlight with an ultra narrow light distribution angle, which uses high-output LED devices and an optical lens.