Stanley Electronic Components

Automotive High-power LEDs for head lamps / rear lamps

  • Feature 1

    Can be adopted for various light applications in accordance with automotive ECE standard

  • Feature 2

    High reliability, high efficiency / high power emission

  • Feature 3

    High-power products that adapt to various lighting methods

Optimal light sources
Total support for all the car's lamps

We mounted a high-power LED on a metal substrate with excellent heat dissipation properties. We have a lineup of white / yellow / red LEDs that are compatible with multiple light types / light guide plate types; they are characterized by an excellent performance, high reliability, and energy saving features. Our LEDs are suitable for all automotive lamp light sources, such as head lamp, DRL, turn lamp, tail.



Luminous flux: 2,350 lm @1.8 A
Chromaticity: x 0.328 / y 0.344
VF: 12.7 V
Thermal resistance: 0.7 ℃/W



Luminous flux: 310 lm @1 A
Chromaticity: x 0.326 / y 0.335
VF: 3.25 V
Thermal resistance: 3.0 ℃/W



Luminous flux: 67 lm @350 mA
Chromaticity: x 0.566 / y 0.423
VF: 2.95 V
Thermal resistance: 4.0 ℃/W



Luminous flux: 32 lm @350 mA
Chromaticity: 633 nm
VF: 2.1 V
Thermal resistance: 4.0 ℃/W