Security High-power IREDs World-class high luminous efficiency

  • Feature1

    High efficiency: 610 mW/W (MFN, MGN type)

  • Feature2

    Low thermal resistance,
    high-reliability package

  • Feature3

    While being high-power, the heat generation has been considerably reduced
    thanks to the package's low power consumption characteristics

Optimal light source
for night illumination and biometrics

Compact high-power IREDs equipped with a newly developed high-output, high-efficiency LED die with a low thermal resistance ceramic substrate. It is the best light source for camera night illumination support and biometric authentication. Recently, in the automotive field many cameras are being deployed for driver surveillance and automatic driving support; our IREDs can also be used as light sources in night vision applications. Our IREDs are optimal also for the security field, as a light source for security cameras installed indoors or outside. Our IREDs contribute to the downsizing of the final product, possessing high luminous efficiency and low heat generation; they can be used for biometric authentication of small devices, including personal computers and others.

Product MHN1105MS
Features Exceptionally high radiant flux type for automotive applications For automotive applications, etc.:
Highly reliable package meeting automotive quality requirements
For security cameras, etc.:
Inconspicuous black package
Wavelength 945 nm 855 nm 945 nm 855 nm 945 nm
Radiant intensity 750 mW/sr 385 mW/sr 530 mW/sr 280 mW/sr 440 mW/sr 230 mW/sr 530 mW/sr 280 mW/sr 440 mW/sr 230 mW/sr
Light output 1,630 mW 1,760 mW 1,100 mW 950 mW 1,100 mW 950 mW
Forward current 1,000 mA 1,000 mA 1,000 mA
Forward voltage 2.9 V 1.8 V 1.5 V 1.8 V 1.5 V
Half-intensity angle 60 deg. 120 deg. 60 deg. 120 deg. 60 deg. 120 deg. 60 deg. 120 deg. 60 deg. 120 deg.
Reference drawing

World-class high luminous efficiency

Comparison of luminous efficiency, with driving current @1 A (widely distributed in the market).
(Catalog typical values as of May 2017, according to our research.)


Keeping heat in control when driving high current, thanks to low power consumption and low thermal resistance

Like high-power visible light LEDs, IREDs also have an issue related to heat for high power types. At high temperature conditions, not only the output drops but also the operating life is shortened, and in the worst case the LED may break.
Also, heat adversely affects the surrounding devices, calling for heat dissipation measures that require high expenses and space. In this series, by adopting an LED die with low forward voltage (VF), power consumption is reduced; moreover, by employing materials and structures that reduce the thermal resistance of the package, the heat generation is greatly reduced as compared with the equivalent product.


Compared with existing products, the heating value of these high-efficiency, high-power IREDs has decreased significantly, which contributes to the miniaturization of the entire module

The chart on the right compares our high-power IREDs (characterized by high efficiency and low heat generation) with the existing products in terms of substrate temperature. Since the rise in substrate temperature is small compared to the existing products, high density mounting and miniaturization of the entire camera module by reducing substrate area can be attained.