Support data

Support data

Precautions for mounting

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    Do not attempt to rebuild or dismantle the module. Please note that our company cannot bear responsibility for faulty operation resulting from rebuilding, or disassembly and reassembly.

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    A CMOS LSI is used in the circuitry so static electricity may cause damage. Please take precautions against static electricity. Operators should wear an earth band attached to their bodies and apparel which is resistant to static electricity should be worn. When soldering connector terminals, use a grounded soldering iron.

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    The module is designed to be mounted to a device with mounting holes provided on four corners. In securing it on a flat surface, please exercise caution to avoid placing stress such as warp or distortion on the module. Stress such as warp or distortion, when applied to the liquid crystal panel, a may cause discoloration or other damage and should be avoided.

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    To protect the polarizer plate or liquid crystal panel used on the display surface please provide a protective panel such as a clear acrylic layer. Also, to avoid stress to the module, provide space between the protective panel and the module.

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    Dust present in the module may adversely affect the display. If the panel is to be used in the place where it will be exposed to large amounts of dust or dirt, please provide for adequate protection.

  6. 6.

    Metal frames are not intended for appearance inspection. Since there may be small scratches, etc., during mounting, please make design so that metal frames cannot be seen.

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    In the case of the LCD module with LED backlight, heat is generated around LEDs.
    Consider heat dissipation measures so that the LCD surface temperature does not exceed the operating ambient temperature described in the absolute maximum ratings.

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