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ZEUBE265-1DA (265nm, 70mW)

Pb-Free HEAT
L3.6xW3.6xH2.24 (mm)
Peak wavelength
265 (nm)
Light output
70 (mW)
Half intensity angle
120,120 (deg.)
Continuous forward current
440 (mA)
Forward voltage
6.9 (V)

Features of ZEUBE265-1DA

Wavelength of 265nm with high sterilization ability

  • High total power suitable for sterilization of wide area and large flow rate, and high linearity when current changes
  • Compact package that enables installation of the sterilization light source in a narrow space
  • Total power of 70mW in a low thermal resistance package

Applications of ZEUBE265-1DA

  • Water sterilization: Water purifiers, water servers
  • Surface sterilization: Medical equipment sterilization equipment, food filling equipment, sterilized lighting
  • Air sterilization: Air conditioners, air conditioners, air purifiers
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