HOME>TECHNICAL DATA>Points of Note / FAQ>LED and Photodetector Handling Precautions>LED and Photodetector 6. Mounting handling of 11□4L,11□1J,16□3J,16□6J,1158LDS,1311GSE,11□7A,1314ASE types

Mounting handling of 11□4L,11□1J,16□3J,16□6J,1158LDS,1311GSE,
11□7A,1314ASE types

Recommended condition

  1. 1.

    Picking up point with nozzle : Lamp housing of the product(■area)
    he picking up point with nozzle is the only lamp housing because the silicone resin used for the lens is soft. (If the nozzle makes contact with the lens, the product is destroyed.)

  2. 2.

    Load : Less than 10N (Condition : Each type of recommended nozzle shape is used.)
    ※Please adjust the load, picking up point and the nozzle diameter, etc. before mounting because the over load can cause breakage of the lamp housing.

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