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    Once the package is open, please use as soon as possible, as keeping an opened package for a long time could cause the lead or electrodes to oxidize.
    With regard to handling the SMT, please refer to the Moisture-proof Packaging of SMT Products.
    For storage, please avoid wetness and humidity, while taking care to avoid condensation caused by sudden temperature changes.

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    In case of product failures, the lot number on the product package label will help speed up disposal measures.

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    When there is a process of supersonic wave welding etc. after mounting the product, there is a possibility of affecting on the reliability of junction part in package (junction part of die bonding and wire bonding). Please use after affirming beforehand there is no problem.

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    The following factors must be considered in designing the IRED and Photodetector. Please request all necessary specifications and technical data sheets from Stanley for verification.
    ・Variation Factors : Radiation Level, Forward Voltage, Photo Current, Spatial Distribution, Mount Method, Material to be Detected, Transparency of background, Reflection Ratio.
    ・Fluctuation Factors : Radiation Level, Forward Voltage, Photo Current, Temperature Characteristics of Dark Current, Fluctuation of Radiation Level/Photo Current/Dark Current from prolonged use, Random External Light, change of Material to be Detected, Power Voltage Fluctuation.

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    Please contact Stanley with regard to the usage methods, taping specifications of through-hole type products, and packaging not listed on this home page.

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    Information contained on this home page represents items listed on the specification sheet. Please contact Stanley to receive the most updated specifications of any part before use.

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    Please contact your local Stanley representative for any other questions.

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