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    Some chemicals, including Freon substitute detergent could corrode, oxidize, cloud or crack the optical characteristics of the lens or the casing surface.
    Please review the reference chart below carefully before cleaning. If water needs to be used for cleaning (including the final cleaning process), please use pure water (not tap water), and completely dry the component after use.

Chemicals Adaptability
Ethyl alcohol
Isopropyl alcohol
Pure water
Trichloroethylene x
Chlorothene x
Acetone x
Thinner x

Type Device
Clean through 750H x x
Pine alpha ST-100SX x x
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    Please keep each cleaning process under 3 minutes at temperatures adjusted to the detergent used (Typically 30℃ to 50℃).
    When using ultrasonic waves, the bonding wire in the package can have an effect on the resonance reliability.
    Please take care that the device doesn't touch the vibrating source directly, and ensure that it will not cause problems in production before using it.
    Resonance is usually known to occur at around 10-20KHz, but before using the device, please take into account that, this range will vary depending on the bath design and device position.

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    Avoid cleaning the entire LED Numeric display.
    (Only the lead part is assumed to be acceptable.) It wishes care to as not to adhere about the case because alcohols might violate stamping.
    Moreover , please refrain a wipe of the case by using alcohols and sufficing. Disabling medicine shown in table above might violate the case , and refrain from use , please.


JEITA standard test requirement

①Ultrasonic Wave Frequency : 25KHz±4KHz or 40KHz(+8KHz / -4KHz)

②Output : 10W / Liter ∼ 30W / Liter

③Duration : 60s±5s, Temperature : Under 40℃

Drying should be performed under 90℃ and 30s. Both Cleaning and Drying should not be performed over 4 times.

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