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Sterilization UV light source for water, air, surface sterilization

Under Development

UV-CCL water sterilization reactor


A unit capable of full sterilization despite its small size, contributing to safety, security and comfortable living

Compared to conventional hot cathode UV lamps, it takes less space with the same sterilization capability.
We will recommend the most suitable usage method according to the usage conditions.


Water purifiers, water servers, warm water washing toilet seats, etc.

Product specifications

Item US/50F274/R2 US/30F150/R3 Remarks
Maximum pressure 0.875 Mpa 0.875 Mpa Used pressure
Withstand voltage 1.75 MIN Mpa 1.75 MIN Mpa Hydrostatic pressure / pressure resistance test
According to JIS S3200-1
Operating temperature limit 4~40 ℃ 4~40 ℃ Environmental temperature and raw water temperature
Power consumption (6.6) W (6.7) W  
Product lifetime 20,000 MIN h 20,000 MIN h  
Reactor materials Equivalent to SUS304 Equivalent to SUS304 Outside surface buff #400
Empty weight 353 g 180 g Inverter not included
Operating weight (when filled) 760 g 222 g Inverter not included
Primary raw water Use water conforming to tap water quality standards and meet the specification range of residual chlorine concentration and chloride ion concentration. Water inspected / certified as drinking water by a health center that has jurisdiction over the area
Chloride ion
Less than
20 mg/L
Chloride ion
Less than
1 mg/L
Raw water SPEC
Joints R 1/4 inch R 1/8 inch
UV radiant intensity 7.0 MIN μW/cm2 7.0 MIN μW/cm2 Measured distance = 1 m
Lamp illuminance value until the end of the lifetime

Sterilization specifications

Product name Power
Reactor dimensions Sterilization capability
(W) Outer diameter(mm) Length(mm) (L/min)Volume of
E. coli(%)
US/50F274/R2 (6.6) φ 50 274 2 99.99 MIN
6 99.99 MIN
US/30F150/R3 (6.7) φ 30 150 1 99.99 MIN
2 99 MIN