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Sterilization UV light source for water, air, surface sterilization

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The world's highest output power of 50 mW is achieved with an emission wavelength of 265 nm, which has the highest sterilizing capacity

By adopting an aluminum nitride substrate for the die and building a photonic structure on the back of the substrate, we achieved a world-class high light output of 50 mW.
Compared to conventional light sources for sterilization it takes less space, thus permitting a high degree of design freedom; being a mercury-free and environmentally friendly light source, it can be developed into new applications.

The most effective light for sterilization is "265 nm"

It has been confirmed that 265 nm wavelength has higher sterilizing capability than any other light.
Our Deep-UV LED achieves highly efficient sterilization by emitting 265 nm light.

UV light inactivation capability – Relative comparison by emitting wavelength

(Based on our experiment as of March 2018)

Bacillus subtilis (ATCC6633)


Escherichia coli (NBRC3301)


E. coli phage MS2



Water sterilization, air sterilization, surface sterilization

Product specifications

Item Specifications
Wavelength 265 nm
Light output 50 mW
Forward current 400 mA
Forward voltage 7.0 V
Half-intensity angle 120 deg.
Package size 3.5 × 3.5 × 1.3 mm
Reference drawing