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Ultra high-power IRED


Achieved world-class radiant flux based on the strength of past achievements in the development of a low thermal resistance package for automotive applications

・ Each package has world-class radiant flux (total luminous flux)
・ Low thermal resistance and high reliability technology originally developed for high-power LEDs for headlamps
・ We offer two directivity angles: narrow angle (60 degrees) type / wide angle (120 degrees) type

Radiant flux (Φe) comparison with competitors

Catalog typical values as of May 2019 (according to our research)


Comparison of radiant flux (Φe) with 1A drive current


Automotive: Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)
FA: Machine vision, security sensors

Product specifications

Part name MHN1105MS
Basic characteristics Wavelength (λp/nm) 945
Radiant intensity (mW/sr) 750 385
Radiant flux (mW) 1,630 1,760
Forward voltage (VF / V) 2.90
Spatial distribution (deg.) 60 120
Max. forward current (IF / mA) 1,000
Max. pulse current (IFRM / mA) 5,000 @tw≦100μsec, duty≦1%
Junction temp. (Tj Max. / ℃) 125
Thermal resistance (Rth(j-s) Typ / ℃/W) 5.0
Operating temp. (Topr / ℃) -40 to 125
Storage temp. (Tstr / ℃) -40 to 125
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