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Usage Precautions

1-1:Handling precautions
(1) The liquid crystal panel is a glass product and will break when subjected to strong impact. Please take sufficient precautions by not dropping or subjecting it to mechanical impact.
(2) The polarizing plate in the display surface can be easily damaged. Please avoid contact or do not push or scrape with hard objects such as tweezers.
(3) The polarizing plate can be affected by organic solvents. In case dirtied, lightly take out the dust with a scotch tape or absorbent cotton, etc.
(4) Adhered water drops, etc. should be wiped off immediately as these could cause oxidation and blem.
(5) Please avoid usage and storage in high temperature and high humidity. Deterioration of polarization degree, generation of bubbles and generation of scree in the polarizing plate could occur in such conditions. Avoid direct sunlight and fluorescent light during storage. Please store it in the original packaging or in a conductive poly bag in relatively low temperature Ta=+5 ~ +30℃.
(6) The liquid in the liquid crystal panel is a harmful substance. In case of rupture, please do not consume the spilled or leaked liquid crystal. In case of contact with the skin or clothing, please wash it out with soap and rinse.
(7) This product is designed for an indoor equipment or device.

1-2;Operating Precautions
(1) Please don't connect or disconnect the liquid crystal module to or from the main module while plugged to the power source.
(2) The product might not work properly even in specified operating temperature in case of storage not within the storage temperature range.
(3) The optical properties (visibility range, contrast) change according to the liquid crystal driving voltage (VEE). Please set the driving voltage to achieve optimum contrast.
(4) The liquid crystal panel terminal undergoes electrochemical reaction even in presence of very little condensation which eventually results to breakage. Please use below the relative humidity of +40℃、85RH. Please be cautious about rapid change in temperature since this could also result to condensation.

1-3:Mounting Precaution
(1) Please do not make alterations or disassemble the module. Please understand that the operation might fail after alteration, disassembly and reassembly of the product.
(2) The product could be damaged by static electricity due to the CMOS LSI installed in the circuit. Please be cautious about static electricity. Please make sure that an arc band and proper clothing are worn during handling of the product.
(3) The module is fixed on the same plane. Please do not apply stress that might cause twisting or bending since this might cause discoloration and damage.
(4) To protect the polarizing plate and liquid crystal panel in the display surface, use transparent acrylic sheet as protective panel.
(5) Dust in the the module can badly affect the display. Please consider precautions such as dust proofing when using the module in dusty places.
(6) The metal frame is not subject to visual inspection and might have small scratches. During mounting, please set the machine in such a way that the metal frame is not visible.
(7) The area around the LED generates heat. During usage, please allow heat dissipation so as not to exceed the allowable surrounding temperature (during operation) as described in 4-1 (environmental condition).


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