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LCD/Character Type

This module utilizes a 5 x 7 dot matrix for display of alphanumeric characters and is operated through an on-board controller for functions such as control, refresh, and display.
The input and output can be interfaced in a 4 or 8bit MPU, and can be used for character display or display shift with variation of control commands. Pattern display according to user preference is also possible through character generator RAM.

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Technical information

The liquid in the liquid crystal panel is a harmful substance. In case of rupture, please do not consume the spilled or leaked liquid crystal. In case of contact with the skin or clothing, please wash it out with soap and rinse.

Avoid direct sunlight and fluorescent light during storage. Please store it in the original packaging or in a conductive poly bag in temperature and humidity of Ta=+5 ~ +30℃、RH=30 ~ 70%. The optical properties (visibility range, contrast) change according to the liquid crystal driving voltage. Please set the driving voltage to achieve optimum contrast.

The liquid crystal panel terminal undergoes electrochemical reaction even in presence of very little condensation which eventually results to breakage. It is advised to take necessary precautions to avoid condensation. (Please check the new product's environmental condition upon usage.) Please be cautious about rapid change in temperature since this could also result to condensation.


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