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Aquatech Amsterdam 2019
5 - 8 November, 2019 | RAI AmsterdamBooth No. 01.117

Safe water to the world
by UV technology

Contribute to realize a society of no bacteria by our UV products (LED, Cold Cathode Lamp) for drinking and industrial water application.

Since 1920
Light for new possibilities

We shall create new benefits to humankind by dedicating ourselves to the "Five Ways of Creating Value with Light".

We will explore the various properties of light, which we will combine with Stanley's own overall strengths to create new value with light and thereby contribute to society.
We offer "technologies that produce and supply safe water to the world","technologies that helps you to achieve a safe and comfortable life","technologies to move the human heart with attractive light" by exploring the five values of light:


PRODUCTSUsing LIGHT to create a bacteria free society
- Evolution from UV Lamp to UV LED –

UV-LED Multi Lighting Source Module

  • Well designed based on original UV-LED characteristics
  • Environmental friendly mercury free
  • Light distribution is well controlled by reflector
  • Flexible about water flow rate
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Deep UV Water Sterilization LED Reactor

  • Improvement of sterilization performance by water rectification mechanism and lighting distribution technology.
  • Environmentally friendly mercury-free.
  • Optimal structure is realized by integrating water rectification mechanism and light distribution technology cultivated in automotive headlamp.
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Cold Cathode UV lamp

  • Long lifetime 50000h
  • Compact size comparing with other Hot Cathode UV lamp (UV-HCL).
  • High sterilization comparing with other Hot Cathode UV lamp (UV-HCL).

Water Sterilization Reactor

  • Reactor that has full-fledged sterilization function applicable up to 6L/min in a compact size.
  • Realize high reliability with long lifetime, compact size and durability.
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High Power Deep UV-LED

  • Wavelength 265 nm with high sterilization ability.
  • Achieves the world’s highest output level of 50 mW at a wavelength of 265 nm.
  • Use of an aluminum nitride substrate makes it difficult for the output to drop even when the current value is increased, and it is difficult for the output to drop as the temperature rises.
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